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  • New Generation Coal Coal Industry Desperation?

    In an attempt to clean up its reputation, Big Coal in Australia has been seeking a new look with "NewGenCoal", aka New Generation Coal. New Gen Coal also appears to ...

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  • As U.S. Shutters Coal Plants, China and Japan are

    As U.S. Shutters Coal Plants, ... Long-term solar contract now costs 5.5 cents per kWh unsubsidized and still ... the majority of new generation in the US is now ...

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  • Coal is the new black with new-technology power stations

    New-generation coal plants are also being built ... Coal plants work best when they are running at ... and their long life and limited ability to reduce ...

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  • New generation coal plants Port of Rotterdam

    Welcome to a new generation coal plants! ... an energy efficiency of 46% and will replace old generation coal plants in the near future. ... Long distance construction;

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  • Ed Miliband Wikipedia

    Ed Miliband MP; Leader of ... Foreign Secretary David Miliband, ... saying that any potential new coal-fired power stations would be unable to receive government ...